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Certification and Recurrency Program Policy

Certification and Recurrency Program Policy

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Certification and Recurrency Policy

Last Modification: September 035, 2023. Policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

Introduction: Purpose and Benefits

The National Live Scan Association® strives to maintain the highest standards in live scan fingerprinting.  Our Certification and Recurrency Programs ensure that certified individuals consistently update their skills and knowledge with the latest industry practices.


1. Recognition: Earning a National Live Scan Association® certification showcases your dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

2. Continuous Learning: Our recurrency programs keep NLSA-Certified™ individuals updated with industry developments.

3. Professional Growth: Certification opens doors to enhanced career opportunities and boosts your professional reputation.

4. Community: Certified members gain access to a professional network, valuable resources, and advanced training opportunities.

Section 1: Certification Programs

1.1 Term of Certification

Our certification programs last two or four years, depending on the specific program.

1.2 Recurrency Requirements

Individuals must complete mandatory recurrency training every six or 12 months, depending on their certification program.

1.3 Addressing Lapses in Currency

If you don’t meet the recurrency requirements, you can retake the certification program with our approval.

1.4 Recurrency Time Frame

Unless a specific program states otherwise, you must complete your recurrency programs within 45 days of receiving the recurrency requirement notice.

1.5 Recurrency Fees

Participating in recurrency programs incurs a fee.  However, we exempt active National Live Scan Association® members who have maintained good standing since their initial certification.

Section 2: Certificated (Participation) Programs

2.1 Nature of Certificates

A completion or participation certificate from the National Live Scan Association® doesn’t equate to a certification.  It doesn’t endorse the holder’s knowledge or proficiency in any area.

2.2 Recurrency Requirements

Our certificated (participation) programs don’t require any recurrency training.

Note: Our certification programs offer a more intensive learning experience and represent higher knowledge and proficiency than our certificated programs.

Section 3: Legal Distinction

3.1 Definition of Certification

A National Live Scan Association® certification formally recognizes an individual’s expertise in a specific area based on thorough evaluation.

3.2 Definition of Certificated (Participation) Programs

Certificated (participation) programs grant individuals a completion or participation certificate after completing the course. These certificates don’t represent formal recognition of expertise by the National Live Scan Association®.

3.3 Disclaimer

The National Live Scan Association® doesn’t guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information in its certification or certificated (participation) programs.

Section 4: Membership & Certification Renewal

4.1 Active Membership Requirement

Members must maintain an active National Live Scan Association® membership to keep their certification valid.

4.2 Renewal Options

Active Members: You must complete ongoing currency training every six months, following our compliance team’s guidelines.

Lapsed Members: If you let your membership lapse or miss a recurrency training, you must retake the entire Certification course, pass the exam, and cover the associated fees.

Exceptional Cases: Our compliance department may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis and will provide specific conditions.

Example: If John Smith, an active member, misses his recurrency training in July 2026, he can either retake the entire Certification course and pay the fees or request an exception from the compliance department.


We designed our Certification and Recurrency Programs to uphold our commitment to excellence. We encourage all members to follow these policies to uphold the integrity and reputation of the National Live Scan Association®.  Adhering to these programs ensures high-quality services from our members and promotes the growth of the live scan fingerprinting industry.

For questions or clarifications, please reach out to our support team.