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Advantages of Launching an Ink Card Business with NLSA

Unlock the potential of the ink card fingerprinting business with NLSA. Explore benefits, opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.


Have you ever considered starting your own business but needed help figuring out where to begin? Look no further than the ink card fingerprinting industry.  

Not only does ink card fingerprinting offer a unique and profitable opportunity, but with the guidance of the National Live Scan Association (NLSA), you can learn how to start a successful Ink Card Fingerprinting business and gain access to a wealth of resources through their National Live Scan Fingerprinting Community™ and certified training programs.

Unlocking the Benefits

1. Increased Revenue Streams: Owning an Ink Card Fingerprinting business can generate additional income for notaries, shipping businesses, and other service providers. By offering fingerprinting services, you can diversify your services and create new revenue streams.

2. Enhanced Foot Traffic: Incorporating Ink Card Fingerprinting into your existing business can attract a steady stream of customers, increasing foot traffic and potential sales for your primary offerings.

3. Low Start-up Costs: Unlike Live Scan devices, which can be costly, ink card fingerprinting requires minimal investment. This makes it an affordable entry point for entrepreneurs exploring the fingerprinting industry before committing to Live Scan technology.

4. Learning Demand: Starting with ink card fingerprinting allows you to gauge your state’s demand for Live Scan services. By offering ink card fingerprinting, you can assess the need, market demand, and potential profitability before investing significantly in Live Scan.

5. NLSA and its Abundant Resources: The National Live Scan Association is a leading organization providing comprehensive guidance and resources for fingerprinting businesses. By joining the association, you can access the NLSA Live Scan Fingerprinting Community™, an invaluable platform for connecting with industry professionals and obtaining expert advice.

Utilizing NLSA Resources

1. The NLSA Live Scan Fingerprinting Community™: Dive into an online nexus tailor-made for ink card fingerprinting aficionados. By becoming a member via https://Community.NationLiveScan.org, you immerse yourself in a vibrant ecosystem of peers. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, collaborate on fresh prospects, and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry’s latest trends and advancements.

2. NLSA Training Programs: To ensure your success in the ink card fingerprinting business, NLSA offers NLSA-certified™ fingerprinting training programs. These programs equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide accurate and reliable fingerprinting services.  

Check out their website (https://LiveScanEvents.com) for upcoming training dates, special events, and membership information.

a. Webinars: NLSA holds webinars that cover various aspects of the fingerprinting industry, including business management, marketing strategies, and industry regulations. These webinars are valuable for enhancing your expertise and updating industry trends.

b. In-person and Online Meetups: Connecting with industry professionals is crucial for expanding your network and learning from experienced practitioners. NLSA facilitates in-person and online meetups, allowing you to engage with fellow ink card fingerprinting business owners and share insights.

c. Industry-Related Courses: The association provides industry-related courses designed to enhance your knowledge in specific areas of fingerprinting. These courses cover legal compliance, advanced fingerprint identification, and customer service excellence.

d. Exclusive NLSA Membership Live Webinars: As a member of NLSA, you gain access to live webinars hosted exclusively for members. These webinars dive deeper into advanced fingerprinting techniques, marketing strategies, and business growth. They offer valuable insights from industry experts.

e. Podcast Shows: NLSA produces podcast shows (live streaming events) that cover a wide range of topics related to fingerprinting and starting a successful ink card fingerprinting business. Listening to these shows can provide valuable tips, advice, and real-life experiences industry professionals share.


If you are seeking a unique business opportunity with low start-up costs and strong profit potential, starting an Ink Card Fingerprinting business with the guidance of the National Live Scan Association® is an excellent choice.  

By joining the NLSA and accessing their comprehensive NLSA-Certified™ fingerprinting training programs, you gain a competitive edge and the necessary knowledge to excel in the industry.

Embark on your journey to establish a thriving fingerprinting enterprise. Head to the NLSA Event Advantage™ website at https://LiveScanEvents.com to discover upcoming training sessions, exclusive events, and details on membership.  

And be sure to schedule a 15-minute exploratory call at http://LiveScan.Chat to discuss your goals and how NLSA can support you on your journey.

Remember, success lies in your hands, and the National Live Scan Association® is here to guide you every step of the way. Join NLSA, embrace the abundant resources, and embark on a fulfilling and profitable Ink Card Fingerprinting business venture.


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