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Combining Fingerprinting and Notarization: A Goldmine for Your Notary Biz!


Diversification is vital to staying relevant and thriving in the ever-evolving world of notary businesses. One avenue worth exploring is the combination of fingerprinting and notarization services. This unique blend opens up many opportunities and revenue streams for notaries.

This article will explore the benefits and potential of incorporating fingerprinting into your notary business.

A Growing Need for Fingerprinting Services

LiveScan and Ink Card Fingerprinting has become an increasingly important requirement for various purposes, such as background checks, identification, and certification.

With a rise in job opportunities, contracts, and employment prospects, the demand for background checks and fingerprinting services has skyrocketed. It is a critical time for notaries to consider adding fingerprinting services to their repertoire.

The Synergy of Fingerprinting and Notarization

Combining fingerprinting with notarization allows notaries to offer their clients a comprehensive suite of services. 

By tapping into the fingerprinting market, notaries can expand their customer base and attract new clients who require notary public services and background checks.

Unlocking Cross-State Opportunities

One particular advantage of fingerprinting services is that they can be utilized across state lines. Ink cards, commonly used for fingerprinting, are widely used in all states, especially for out-of-state applicants. This means that even if you reside in one state, you can offer fingerprinting services to clients in other states.

For instance, if you are a notary in Georgia but have clients applying for an out-of-state real estate license in Texas, you should be able to use ink cards to facilitate their out-of-state fingerprinting licensing requirement needs.

A Lucrative Revenue Stream

By integrating fingerprinting into their notary business, notaries can create an additional revenue stream. Fingerprinting services typically command a fee, adding to your overall income.

Furthermore, clients often value the convenience of accessing fingerprinting on ink cards (or perhaps electronic fingerprinting) and notarial services from a single provider, making your business more attractive and bolstering your reputation.

Transferable Skills and Compensation

Transitioning into fingerprinting alongside notarization presents an opportunity to capitalize on existing skills as a notary. The knowledge and experience gained through notarial work can seamlessly transfer to fingerprinting services, saving you time and effort.

Regarding compensation, it’s essential to consider the unique skill set you bring to the table. Your expertise in notarization and fingerprinting can command a premium, allowing you to maximize your earnings while offering invaluable services to your clients.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Offering fingerprinting (LiveScan service or Ink Card Fingerprinting) and notarization services allows you to create a streamlined and efficient experience for your clients. Instead of seeking these services from multiple providers, clients can trust in your one-stop-shop approach.

Building solid relationships with your clients and understanding their unique personalities and attitudes will also contribute to a positive customer experience and increased client satisfaction.

Expanding Your Business Horizons

As a notary, the possibilities are more comprehensive than in a traditional office setting. Embrace the opportunity to diversify and cater to clients who cannot physically visit you.

Consider offering mobile fingerprinting services traveling to clients’ locations for their convenience. This willingness to go the extra mile will set you apart from your competition and further expand your notary business horizons.


Combining fingerprinting and notarization services is a strategic move that can genuinely transform your notary business. By venturing into the lucrative world of fingerprinting, you will increase your revenue streams, diversify your services, attract new clients, and create a unique selling point.

Embrace the opportunity to expand your business and become a comprehensive solution for your clients’ fingerprinting and notarial needs. Your success lies in your ability to adapt, innovate, and seize every opportunity that comes your way in the world of notary businesses.

Remember, the key to success is knowledge and action. Stay updated with industry trends, seek guidance from industry experts like the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA), and offer fingerprinting and notarization services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Start the journey toward a Fingerprinting Goldmine™ of opportunities and catapult your notary business to new heights by combining fingerprinting and notarization services today!

If you want to start your own Fingerprinting Business and become a National Live Scan Association® member, reach out to us today.  

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Q&A Section

Q1: Can ink cards be used for fingerprinting in a different state than the one I reside in?

A: Yes, in most cases, ink cards can be utilized for fingerprinting in any state, regardless of where you reside.  But always double-check with the Requesting Agency for clarification.

Q2: How can I combine fingerprinting services with notarization?

A: By offering fingerprinting and notarization services, you can expand your business and provide clients with a convenient one-stop solution for their legal document needs. Contact the National Live Scan Association® as your course of action.

Q3: How can I ensure I get paid and compensated for my services?

A: Establishing a transparent payment structure and communicating your fees upfront is crucial. Consider transferring your fingerprinting skills and expertise as part of the compensation.

Q4: How can I handle customers with different personalities and attitudes?

A: Each customer (fingerprint applicant) is unique, and it’s essential to recognize their individual needs and preferences. Adapt your approach and communication style to provide excellent customer service.

Q5: What is the benefit of using notarization cans in my work?

A: By utilizing notarization cans, you can facilitate efficient and secure notarization services, making the process smoother for you and your clients.

Q6: How can I start a fingerprinting business without a significant financial investment?

A: Consider smaller business investments like ink card fingerprinting, which require minimal initial expenses. You can gradually expand your services as you gain experience and generate revenue.  

The NLSA Advantage™ Certification curriculum includes an Ink Card Fingerprinting Certification program. Visit NationalLiveScan.org/nlsa-certification-programs to learn more.